Account Manager

We are looking for an exceptional Account Manager who will work with a dedicated group of clients and will be responsible for understanding and achieving the client’s short-term and long-term goals. The Account Manager is a client-facing, post-sales role and you will serve as the day-to-day point of contact, maintain client satisfaction, and grow accounts through upsells while keeping the quality of work high so clients want to renew. The Account Manager will have a proven track record of client retention and be a natural problem-solver and big-picture thinker.


Ability to drive revenue and grow the account: Account Managers need to be constantly assessing the existing and future opportunities for their clients. They should be staying on top of industry trends so they can identify what marketing strategies should be considered and when so they can make a plan for upselling. They also need to gauge the client’s aptitude for risk.

Collaborate with the delivery team to ensure the delivery of great work: The Account Manager is responsible for helping to create great work by gaining access to and sharing all the information the agency team needs. They will also present the work or are at least responsible for building up excitement about the work while creating an environment and an attitude that will make the client more readily accept the work.

Achieve client’s marketing goals: Account Managers lead the client through the discovery phase so that they can set SMART goals. These goals will be reviewed and measured on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis so that everyone is clear about what the ultimate goal is.

Ensure profitability and efficiency while utilizing agency resources: A large part of the role is to make sure that the client account remains profitable. This may include that a project is properly scoped, working to prevent scope creep, building and following processes to make projects run more efficiently, and asking the right questions so that the delivery team has all of the important information to prevent multiple rounds of revisions.

Keeping clients happy: The Account Manager needs to keep the client happy with the entire agency, not just with the Account Manager. The Account Manager should be working to heighten the client’s trust in the agency and its internal employees.

Desired Skills:

Serve as the day-to-day contact: The Account Manager is the client’s day-to-day point of contact. While the client’s questions and plans may touch multiple teams, the Account Manager is responsible for filtering communication from and to the client.

  • Any time a client needs to contact the agency, either to address open questions or solve a problem, the client does so through their Account Manager.
  • Even if the Account Manager cannot resolve the concern on their own, they should still be the ones to funnel the client request through to the proper channels within the agency.
  • Account Managers should schedule client check-ins or meetings to ensure a recurring opportunity to touch base with customers.

Create Strategic Online Marketing Plan: The Account Manager would own the Strategic Online Marketing Plan (SOMP). The SOMP will act as a roadmap for the client, outlining the initial 6-month account strategy.

  • The SOMP would be managed by the Account Manager, but strategy recommendations would be provided by the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the delivery team.
  • The SOMP will be updated monthly and included as a deliverable during reporting.

Execute data analysis and reporting: The Account Manager is responsible to analyze data across clients and deliver regular updates to clients.

  • Providing regular reports and status updates ensures each customer is aware of the value being delivered. This is not only important for keeping the client informed, but also because the client can share these reports with other decision-makers at their company, which helps when it’s time for a client to evaluate a renewal or upsell.
  • The Account Manager should know how all of their accounts are doing in terms of product or service performance as well as upsell and renewal opportunities.

Perform renewals and upsells: The Account Manager is responsible for growing revenue for the agency by ensuring existing clients stay on and by upselling them.

  • The retention of clients is important for the agency to grow. Limiting client attrition will be key for this position.
  • Happy clients not only stay with the agency longer, but they are also more likely to grow their spending. This allows the Account Manager to find upsell opportunities that add value based on the client’s goals.

Billable Hours: Be personally responsible for monitoring regularly and reaching your quota of client hours each month with zero carryover hours. Discuss with the manager in advance if billable hours will not be met.

PDL Project Management: Using the project management tool, assess each client’s project task status and progress weekly to keep up to date on open action items. The management system will provide ways to record, track, and delegate current tasks, communicate with the client, and act as a hub for client documents and assets. Implementation of the project management tool will be essential for the overall success of the team.

PDL Team Collaboration: Ongoing communication with Digital Marketing Team, Web Team, and PDL management on project development, timelines, and results.

Job Skills Development: Work with the department manager to develop processes to intentionally and regularly develop job-related knowledge and skills.

  • Ongoing Professional Development: Keep pace with changes and trends in the digital marketing industry. Represent Projonmo Digital in industry forums and networking opportunities.
  • Personal Training Plan: Develop and document a 6-month Personal Training Plan with brief training sessions to be held regularly with your department manager. May also include assigned reading, research, industry activities, etc.
  • Weekly Check-ins: Schedule and participate in a weekly update meeting with your department manager to discuss the status of each client campaign and related goals. Be constantly prioritizing actions toward getting the best results possible for the client. Work closely with the other team members to fully understand, strategize and meet client goals. Discuss each client’s campaign status and set goals for the future.
  • Will need to communicate rapidly and effectively with all parties involved in projects.
  • Will be expected to meet or exceed project deadlines and budgeted hours. If deadlines or budgeted hours will not be met, communication with the team is expected before the fact.
  • Keep track of all details on project status and next steps. Be able to report that information when requested.
  • Will be expected to have a drive to continually learn and grow in knowledge and skill of digital marketing.
  • Will be expected to follow leading blogs and other resources to stay on the cutting edge.
  • Be flexible and able to take on other tasks or projects that may be needed with a small team.


• BDT 40,000 – 70,000 (depending on skillset)
• Salary Review: Yearly (10-30% increment)

Hiring organization: Projonmo Digital Marketing Agency

Employment Type: Full-Time

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PDL recognizes employees in many ways for their contributions and their commitment to the organization. One such way is by offering a very comprehensive benefits package. This includes a competitive salary, a bonus structure, and a strong benefits program that includes, health, dental, disability, vision, and life insurance benefits. At PDL, we want to ensure all of our employees stay healthy, feel secure, and maintain a strong work/life balance.

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