Facebook Advertising Services
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Facebook advertising services help your business build its online following, increase its brand awareness, and improve its lead generation and revenue-driving efforts with the world’s biggest social media network.

Make advertising on Facebook easy with Facebook PPC management services

With Facebook’s massive audience (it has more than two billion monthly users), as well as advanced targeting options and diverse ad types, it’s a must-use advertising channel for companies that want to grow.

At Projonmo Digital, we offer Facebook ad management services that help your business take complete advantage of Facebook. From creating your strategy and ad creatives to launching your ads and monitoring their performance, we provide an all-in-one solution to Facebook advertising.

Keep reading to learn more about our Facebook ad services, from what they include to how much they cost. Or, chat one-on-one with an experienced Projonmo Digital strategist by contacting us online or calling us at 8801856 128089 !

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Find the best Facebook advertising package for your business

Facebook is a social media platform that connects people instantly to communication, collaboration and business purpose. Team Projonmo Digital offers custom/tailored made facebook advertising and page management services that built your online presence and connect you with potential customers.
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Social Media Advertising: Standard Consultation and Reporting Plans
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1 Social Network

2 Social Network

3 Social Network

4 Social Network

5 Social Network

Ad account setup and optimization
Ad account setup and optimization
Number of Advertising Campaigns/Target Audiences
Number of Advertising Campaigns/Target Audiences Up to 6 Up to 8 Up to 10 Up to 12 Up to 15
Social Media Remarketing Campaign & Ad
Social Media Remarketing Campaign & Ad 1 2 2 3 5
Social Media Remarketing Campaign & Monthly Advertising Targeting & Copy Tweaks
Social Media Remarketing Campaign & Monthly Advertising Targeting & Copy Tweaks Up to 4 Up to 4 Up to 6 Up to 8 Up to 8
Demographic Targeting
Demographic Targeting
Keywords, Interest, User Intent Targeting
Mobile Device Optimized Ads
Installation of Network Tracking Pixels on Website
Dedicated Social Media Advertising Account Manager
Monitoring of Social Ad Comments
Up to 1 personal Social Media Consultations per Month
Initial banner ad design for Advertising
Monthly performance & analysis reporting
Weekly Call or Campaign Status Update (optional)
Initial Campaign Investment - Month 1
Ongoing Monthly Campaign Investment (Standard Advertising Consultation and Reporting)
Personal manager
Required Ad Spend Range (Standard Advertising Consultation and Reporting)
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BDT: 9,999
BDT: 14,999
BDT: 17,999
BDT: 21,999
BDT: 29,999


Facebook Advertising

Reach Specific Customer

With Facebook marketing, you can reach potential customers within any specific geography. Ads with gender, location, and events are highly optimized ads on Facebook.

Gender-Based Targeting

If you are in Dhaka and likely to target males ages 20 to 30 years. With Facebook ads, We can easily reach your gender-based audience and show your business ads.

Location-Based Targeting

If you want to show your ad to people who recently visited Dhaka, Bangladesh then we can show your ad to those who live in Dhaka and also those who visited Dhaka.

Which ad formats do Facebook ad services include?

Projonmo Digital will work with you to find the best type of ad format for your Facebook advertising campaign based on your resources and goals. We use all the available ad formats with our Facebook ad services. Advertising elements that apply to any type of ad campaign include copy, tone, call-to-actions, and media. These elements set the foundation for different formats, so it’s important to have strong elements here to maximize ad formats in your campaign. Ad formats include:
Single Image Ads:
  • Include a link to your site with a single image, headline, copy, link description and call-to-action
  • Most commonly used in traffic or conversion campaign
  • Include a photo and copy
  • Can be used in post engagement or awareness campaigns
  • Include a video in your ad
  • Can be used in a post-engagement campaign without a destination link or in traffic and conversation campaigns that will add a headline, description, and call-to-action below the video
  • Combine multiple photos in a scrolling carousel with a call-to-action, each with its own headline and link description
  • Most commonly used in traffic and conversion campaigns
  • Canvas can be used in any ad that includes a destination
  • Canvas is similar to creating a landing page that lives within Facebook
  • Combine videos, photos, text, buttons, and more to create a mini-landing page for your ad to share more information than you can fit in the ad that shows in the News Feed
  • With a Facebook Catalog, promote multiple products in a Carousel or Collection format
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